Freedom's Landing

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It's the dawning of a new age for mankind when the Catteni descend to Earth and easily overcome the Earth's population. Thousands are herded onto slave ships headed for the intergalactic auction block.
Kris Bjornsen is captured in Denver on her way to her college classes and wakes up on the primitive planet Barevi. Courageous and resourceful, she manages a single-woman escape from the Catteni and is living in the wilds of the planet when she comes to the aid of a Catteni soldier pursued by his own ranks. Recaptured together, they join forces with other slaves to outwit their captors and a hostile planetary environment.
Listeners will delight in this "against-the-odds" story of survival, ingenuity and romance. As her audience has come to expect of McCaffrey, she delivers a rich and intricate science fiction adventure in "Freedom's Landing," sure to win over even more listeners and add to her legions of fans.

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Freedom's Landing

Authors: Anne McCaffrey, Susie Breck

ISBN: 1561004324

ISBN 13: 9781561004324

Publication Date: June 01, 1995

Publisher: Nova Audio Books

Format: Audiobook

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