The Continuous Atonement

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The sacrament prayers have to be given word-perfect. Everyone knows that. But when the priest flubs it, what happens? Even though the expectation of perfection cannot be lowered, the person giving the prayer gets a second chance, and a third, and a fourth, if he needs them. No matter how many mistakes he makes along the way, when he does finally get it right, the outcome is counted as perfect and acceptable.

"God, like the bishop, cannot lower the standard that we ultimately become perfect," writes Brad Wilcox, "but He can give us many opportunities to start again. . . . Perfection is our long-term goal, but for now our goal is progress in that direction - continues progress that is possible only through the continuous Atonement."

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The Continuous Atonement

Author: Brad Wilcox

ISBN: 1606410377

ISBN 13: 9781606410370

Publication Date: January 01, 2009

Publisher: Deseret Book

Pages: 195

Format: Hardcover

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