Crime de Cocoa (A Chocoholic Mystery #1-3)

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Together in one volume: the first three mysteries featuring Lee McKinney and the TenHuis Chocolade store of Warner Pier, Michigan-plus the short story that started it all...   The Chocolate Kidnapping Clue With her parents going through a messy divorce, a mopey teenage Lee is spending the summer working in her aunt and uncle's chocolate shop. When a wealthy customer is kidnapped she quickly discovers an unsuspected talent for sleuthing.   The Chocolate Cat Caper When a high-profile defense lawyer dies after eating a cat-shaped chocolate laced with cyanide, it's up to Lee to find out who tampered with the recipe-before she ends up behind not-so-chocolate bars.   The Chocolate Bear Burglary A burglary at the shop leads to missing antique chocolate molds and a dead friend-and the main suspect in the murder is Lee's troubled teenage stepson. Lee sets out to clear his name, but awakening long-hibernating family secrets might be more than this daring crime solver can bear.   The Chocolate Frog Frame-Up The first customer to buy one of the store's new chocolate croakers is the town crank, Hershel Perkins-just after getting into an altercation with Lee's boyfriend Joe.  When he soon goes missing, it looks like Joe is being framed for murder-and Lee must jump to his defense...

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Crime de Cocoa (A Chocoholic Mystery #1-3)

Author: JoAnna Carl

ISBN: 0451216946

ISBN 13: 9780451216946

Publication Date: December 01, 2005

Publisher: Berkley Books

Pages: 501

Format: Paperback

3.88 of 218

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