Piercing A Dom's Heart (Club El Diablo #2)

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Brandon Edward Sterling IV inherits his father’s corporation before he's ready to settle down. He works grueling hours and follows the accepted path of society’s socially elite. After the end of his engagement with an aristocratic debutante, Bran gives into his nontraditional sexual fantasies found at the El Diablo BDSM Club.

Damian, the owner of El Diablo asks his friend Bran to keep an eye on Damian’s visiting pierced-out Goth chick sister Willow. She’s spirited and curious, has messy braided hair, piercings in places that drive a Dom wild, and she's ready to explore her submissive cravings. She’s also unacceptable in the wealthy world of Wall Street’s rich and famous.

But, can Willow Pierce a Dom’s Heart and prove that acceptability isn’t required in the bedroom?

Piercing a Dom's Heart is book II in the Club El Diablo Series but can also be read as a stand alone. This novella is 22,000 words.

Warning: This book contains graphic sex, strong language, content that may be objectionable to some but perfect for others. BDSM, bondage, voyeurism, genital piercing and luscious male bodies at work.

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Piercing A Dom's Heart (Club El Diablo #2)

Author: Holly S. Roberts

Publication Date: September 27, 2012

Publisher: Smashwords Edition

Format: Kindle Edition

3.94 of 99

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