Heart's a Mess

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Violet is a woman on a mission to get her life in order. Or she was supposed to be. Sleeping with her smokin' hot new boss, however, definitely counts as a mistake. One she has no intention of repeating.

Bar owner Alex has finally got his libido back following a crushing divorce. No way is he letting the curvaceous object of his lustful affections get away. They can have a relationship without it spilling over into the workplace. Of course they can.
Because he most certainly won't be putting his hands on her in the back office, and getting busy in the storage room is definitely out... Violet may be reluctant to repeat the past—but she's not the only one on a mission.

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Heart's a Mess

Author: Kylie Scott

ISBN: 1419945467

ISBN 13: 9781419945465

Publication Date: October 16, 2013

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Pages: 61

Format: ebook

3.47 of 790

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