The Curse of the Crooked Calendar

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Uri is helping his mother and sister prepare traditional goodies during the Holiday Season, when out of a package of doughnut mix [which bears her name] tumbles Geveret Shoshana! She is no plastic figure, but a miniscule person with special powers! After watching the goodies being prepared from the safety of Uri's pocket, Geveret Shoshana offers him the trip of a lifetime. Then she reduces him in size so that he can fly with her atop a doughnut. Out of the window they sail and up into the sky, high above all Jerusalem's familiar landmarks and the adventure begins...

They land in a sunlit place which looks idyllic. Unfortunately, things are not quite as they seem, which they learn from some friendly, talking flowers, who direct them to the castle. Here the Royal Family welcomes them warmly. Now Uri and Geveret Shoshana discover that this whole kingdom is under a strange curse. Their royal hosts believe this to be the work of Lady Grumpelhag, the Princess's former governess, who has since disappeared, leaving havoc in her wake.

As if those tribulations were not enough, the Royal Court is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a sinister, and much-feared guest who comes for a conference with the King.

Searching for the cause of the curse and a remedy, a strong bond of friendship develops between Uri, Geveret Shoshana and the Princess. Gradually pieces of the puzzle emerge. They encounter a host of assorted characters, human and non-human, evil and benign. They must make another journey - to a legendary and eerie place, where the solution lies, and this expedition is fraught with peril all the way...

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The Curse of the Crooked Calendar

Author: Ruth Marshall

ISBN: 1452047081

ISBN 13: 9781452047089

Publication Date: September 12, 2011

Publisher: Authorhouse

Pages: 256

Format: Paperback

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