Forest of Secrets

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After nearly losing Sookie to a coven of witches during their student exchange to Sweden, Cat Peters has vowed to keep her sister as far from magic as possible. But when Cat and her friends are taken hostage and find themselves stranded in Headless Valley, it's clear they will need a miracle to get back home. Although they find an abandoned cabin for shelter, their supply of food and water is running out fast, their kidnappers are hot on their heels, and a sinister threat lurks in the loft of the cabin. Cat has to make an impossible choice--risk the group's chances of survival, or risk her sister, who may be able to summon help using her magical skills. But if Sookie opens the door to Fairy, what will be the cost?

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Forest of Secrets

Author: Linda DeMeulemeester

ISBN: 1926909879

ISBN 13: 9781926909875

Publication Date: May 01, 2011

Publisher: Lobster Press

Pages: 189

Format: Paperback

4.39 of 171

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